Welcome tribe zero-waste (formerly Scoop zero-waste)


As a result of a recent legal challenge from another zero-waste shop we have had to spend some time changing our name.

When I started this pop-up over a year and a half ago, my intention was to provide my local community with a way to shop packaging-free and hopefully convert a few more people to living with less waste. It did not occur to me to register a trademark or to do more than search the web to ensure there were no other businesses trading under the same name. Which at the time there was not.

I have been overwhelmed by the support and demand for what we do and this has meant we’ve been able to take our pop-up all over the county, meeting more people and helping make change in other communities. After my initial reaction of shock and anger reading this letter I have had time to reflect. Although it is sad that the zero-waste community is now seeing the sort of behaviour we have grown to expect from the cut-throat, corporate, world, we are bigger than this.What our pop-up shop represents, the work we do and the change we make is more than the name we operate under.

It took a while to settle on name that wasn’t already taken and that really summarised the power behind what we’re trying to achieve with our pop-ups, home deliveries and partnerships.

I wanted something that would encapsulate the strength of our shared efforts and journey towards a common goal. A non-exclusive, community, working together and supporting one another to achieve a less wasteful, more thoughtful, environment-conscious society.

So welcome to tribe zero-waste.

Find us doing all the old same things under our new name across social media @tribezerowaste and on our shiny new facebook group.