The Background to our Beans – plastic-free coffee beans now in stock.


I’m really excited to be stocking locally roasted coffee beans thanks to a collaboration between SESI and Jericho Coffee Traders which enables us to buy some amazing coffee beans in returnable and re-usable tubs.

To begin with we’re stocking just one variety of coffee called Saviour, produced in El Salvador, it has notes of Lemon curd and a caramel sweetness with a silky mouthfeel.

The beans, which are Rainforest Alliance certified, are grown on finca Los Prineos. The farm is named after the famous Pyrenees Mountains that border France and Spain. It is one of the farms of Tecapa Coffee Exporters a family owned coffee farming, milling, processing and exporting business based in the east side of El Salvador, at the top of the Tecapa Volcano. 

According to Rina, one of SESI’s founders and someone who has worked in the region, the east of the country lags behind economically because they were hit the hardest during their civil war during the 70’s-80’s. When Rina met husband Paul there through work, several repatriated communities had just arrived from exile in Honduras and Nicaragua. The pairs work involved helping lift these communities up right from the ground, helping people start a new life, supporting the birth of agricultural and fishing cooperatives, setting up schools and clinics. 

Rina says ‘It was then, and continues to be one of the most disempowered regions in the country. There are growers in El Salvador trying so hard to make sure coffee stays a viable way of sustaining themselves, not just as an income but also as a cultural way of life which goes back generations and focuses in harmony between the land and our needs.’

This is just a small portion of the big story behind our beans and please do click the links above to learn more. Not only do these beans create a fantastic cup of coffee but they help create a better life and environment for the community they’re grown in. 

Order our new Saviour coffee beans for local delivery via our online shop now.