Shade Sunscreen SPF 25


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Shade Sunscreen is a perfectly blended combination of just four natural, moisturising and sun-resistant ingredients creating a safe and highly effective SPF25 sunscreen. This mini 15ml tub is perfect for on the go applications.

Suitable for all skin types including people with sensitive skin, Shade All Natural sunscreen nourishes as well as protecting your skin from the broadest spectrum of UVB and UVA rays.

It contains no toxic chemicals, no unnecessary fragrances, no liquid polymers or microplastics that could damage your health or wreak havoc on the environment.

Shade is made of just 4 ingredients:

Shea Butter: 100% natural, soil Association certified organic and unrefined shea butter – great for nourishing the skin.

Coconut Oil:Unrefined virgin organic and soil Association certified coconut oil from Coconoil one of the most ethical suppliers of coconut oil the manufacturers could source. It has a natural low SPF and is also great for keeping the skin healthy.

Beeswax: Premium, pure and unrefined beeswax . This give it anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and germicidal antioxidant properties. It’s also great for locking in moisture and has water-repellant properties.

Zinc Oxide: A premium quality, uncoated non-nano zinc oxide. This offers the safest, broadest spectrum sun protection possible. It has slight astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial and active protective properties which make Shade a great after sun as well.

INGREDIENTS36% Shea butter 36% Coconut oil 10% beeswax 18% zinc oxide

Application: Apply this sunscreen 15 minutes before going out into the sun. To apply scoop some out of the tin and warm between hands. Apply generously and reapply every 25 mins particularly after exposure to water or sweating. Shade is thick and balmy and unlike chemical sunscreens it sits on top of the skin to reflect the rays. You want to be able to seen a thin sheen of zinc oxide on your skin to know you are adequately protected from each application. Incorrect application will result in much less effective protection.

Once opened use within 12 months. If the expiration date is looming, and there’s no sun in sight you can use up the cream for its wonderful moisturising properties e.g as a lip salve or even an aftersun. Feel free to re-use the tin but if you can’t it is fully recyclable.

Allergy Advice
Please note all our products are packed or stored in an environment that handles NUTS, WHEAT, MILK, SOYA, PEANUTS, SESAME, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MUSTARD.