Coccoina Natural Glue

125g Aluminium Tin


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This is the original plastic-free crafting glue. Made to the same recipe since it’s launch in 1927 and a staple of many European childhoods.

The aluminium tin contains a central compartment holding a small bush applicator made from aluminium and boars bristle. The glue itself is made from a mixture or potato starch (dextrine) and almond oil which give it a gorgeous scent.

Solvent-free glue, Non-toxic, PVC-free, Lead-free, solvent-free, BPA-free.
Safe for children to use, it does not contain any acid, it is a non-toxic glue which is safe for you and the environment.
100% biodegradable and safe for composting.
100% Natural.
100% Plastic-free Aluminium container, and a natural brush with boar hair bristles.

If the glue dries out in the container just pop the it in a warm water bath with a few drops of water to bring it back to it’s original consistency.

Ingredients: 90% Potato flour in water – non toxic and without solvents, natural plant-based moistening agents, preservatives used in the food industry, almond fragrance.

Weight 125g

Allergy Advice
Please note all our products are packed or stored in an environment that handles NUTS, WHEAT, MILK, SOYA, PEANUTS, SESAME, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MUSTARD.