Biork Crystal deodorant

Biork deodorant (1 deodorant)




A 100% natural and plastic free crystal deodorant stick.

Made from potassium alum crystal, a natural mineral salt. It works by creating a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, while still allowing you to naturally sweat.

This prevents blocked pores and irritation.I t leaves no staining on clothes and is fragrance-neutral so can be combined with any perfume.

Each stick is super long lasting and can still be going strong after 18 months of use.

To use simply moisten the tip of the stick and slide it sensitively over the important zones. After use, dry the stick with a clean cloth or let air dry.

When the stone is too small to use in the dispenser you can create a spray on deodorant. Just place the remaining stone in cold water (in the ratio 50g to 100ml) for 14 days until it has completely dissolved. Then fill the complete content into a small pump spray bottle to use as a liquid spray.

Not only is the stick itself natural and chemical free, it’s packaged in a cork case which is a renewable raw material from Portugal. When you’re done with your stick you can re-use or compost the cork case.

Allergy Advice
Please note all our products are packed or stored in an environment that handles NUTS, WHEAT, MILK, SOYA, PEANUTS, SESAME, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, MUSTARD.