Bicarbonate of Soda – 500g





A lean, mean, green cleaning essential. Bicarb brightens, whitens, deodorises and this food grade version can be used in baking too.

If you’ve not tried bicarbonate of soda for cleaning yet you’re definitely missing a trick.
This wonder-stuff is an under-the-sink staple and has a multitude of uses around the home. What’s more it’s non-toxic and biodegradable making it a safer option than many chemical laden alternatives.

It has fantastic deodorising, whitening, brightening, cleaning, and gentle scrubbing abilities. Here are some top ways to use it.

1. DIY Cream cleaner – mix 6 tablespoons of bicarb with 4 tablespoons of water to create a thick paste. Use this on anywhere that can do with a little extra scrub. I particularly love it for cleaning soap scum off the bath, scrubbing burnt on bits on pans or scrubbing stained plastic food containers.

2. Fridge Deodoriser – pop a small open bowl of bicarb in the back of the fridge and it will get rid of any funky odours. Use can also use it in cars, cupboards or anywhere else you feel needs freshening up. It will have the same effect on carpets and upholstery too. Just sprinkle over the fabric, wait 15 minutes, then vacuum away.

3. Brightening whites – Add 200g bicarb to a load of white washing to give it a brightening boost. It can also be used as a stain remover and is particularly good on collars and sweat stains. Just mix 4 tbsp of bicarb with 60ml of water to create a paste which you can then rub into any stains then leave to sit for a few hours before putting in the washing machine. Just make sure you spot test on a small area first.


Allergy Advice
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