Just One Swap – Reusable Cups & Bottles

Glass keep cup reusable cups

Switching to a reusable for your hot or cold drinks is one simple act which can eliminate huge amounts of single use plastic.  But if you don’t have the right reusable your habit will be hard to maintain. So we’ve added some of our favourite reusables to our stock list that are not only pleasing to the eye but will last, do the job and are a joy to drink from in the hopes you’ll not only have a cup to last but also a new habit too. 

KeepCup Brew – 

My first reusable was one of these little beauts. Made of glass with a band of recycled cork they are joy to behold and drink from.  A reusable cup for the coffee connoisseur on the go. It’s made from a durable tempered glass and features a stylish cork band made from the by-product of wine cork production in Portugal. These cups are Barista standard to ensure the perfect pour, and fit under coffee machine group heads, keeping extraction and crema intact. It is also easy to disassemble making them easy to clean and care for.

One green Bottle – Tough Canteens

Sleek, simple and tough. These flasks from OneGreenBottle are great if you want something super rugged. Our 350ml sized flask is great for those after something a bit more compact for everyday use or for little ones. The handy looped handle makes it easy to clip to bags, buggies or belt loops. We also have a 500ml Vacuum flask option if you want a bit more flexibility from your flask. This one will keep things cool for 24hrs or hot for 12hrs. Super tough and built for whatever life throws at it.

Circular & Co Reusable Cups & Bottle

Circular and Co.’s cup is a fab all-rounder. I also have one of these for when I need something a bit more rugged than my glass cup. Genuinely leakproof and insulated it can serve you in any situation. I’ve used mine for slushies in the summer, festival beers and even for food refills when I forget my jar! It has a specially designed lid which makes it easy to drink out of with just a push of a button and it’s made from old coffee cups. Their new water bottle, although not insulated, boasts many of the same fab features of the coffee cup and is also made from old plastic bottles. 

All our reusable cups and bottles are now available on our online shop or in our Faringdon Refill Shop now.