Faringdon Refill Shop Now Open!

Katie outside shop opening

I am super pleased to announced our Faringdon Refill shop is now open.

We has a soft launch on the 7th of Junes and not only did the sun shine down it felt like we had so many smiley faces shining down us too. Thanks so, so much to everyone who popped in during those first few hours. It was such a joy to see that many of you are just as excited about the shop as I am.

The shop is of course just another way Tribe zero-waste can help our community shop with a little less waste and so it really is about you all.

That’s why you’ll spot a few empty dispensers and jars ready to fill with your suggestions. Please do let us know what you’d like to see on the shelves. And of course I welcome all constructive feedback about any other aspect of the shop too.

Much like our journey to zero-waste it’s all about progress over perfection.

After years of running Tribe as a part time business it’s such an adventure and a sheer joy to be doing this full-time.

For now we’ll be open in Faringdon Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturdays 9:30-4pm. Our fortnightly deliveries to Oxford and South and Vale postcodes continue too.

Thanks to Lucy & Pete for the lovely photos.