Celebrate Organic September with 20% OFF

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Did you know that it’s Organic September? A month dedicated to raising awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming. If you’re looking to use your buying power to help our planet then choosing organic products where you can is a great way to do this.

But what does organic actually mean?

  1. It’s not simply an excuse to jack-up the price

Some people have told me they believe organic is just a label which allows farmers to charge more. If only this were true! Organic farming is highly regulated, you have to pay to be certified and there are no shortcuts, like using artificial pesticides. With organic you’re paying for the time, care and the assurance that it’s been produced in a way that helps, not harms, our planet.

  1. Organic farming works with nature.

Organic farmers are banned from using artificial pesticides and so use more natural ways to ensure their crops are protected from pests. This includes planting trees, creating wildflower margins and digging ponds. This also helps create more diverse wildlife and helps our pollinators.

  1. Exceptional animal welfare

The Soil Association has the highest standards for animal welfare of any farming system in the UK. This means smaller flocks and herds, and more access to the outdoors. This also means animals don’t have to be routinely treated with antibiotics and wormers, or have to suffer mutilations like beak-tipping to prevent the aggressive side effects of stress.

  1. Better for people

Organic foods have fewer pesticides, additives and preservatives, no GM ingredients and are produced using fewer antibiotics. In fact a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2014 showed that organically produced crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) were found with up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic and they contained lower concentrations of pesticides.

It may not be easy to buy everything organic but just switching one thing can have a real impact.

To help you get on your way we’ve got 20% off selected products online and in our Faringdon Refill shop all September.