BYO bottle – Detergent refills coming to Wolvercote Community Market!


I’m super excited to now be able to offer BYO container SESI detergent refills at Wolvercote community market once a month on 25th October, 22nd November, 20th December.

We’ll be stocking a full range of SESI detergents for you to refill. Please remember the refill rules.

1. Clean container

2. Label-Free

3. NO food / drink containers 

4. Volume clearly written on the bottle

We’ll be taking card payments only and please adhere to social distancing when at the market. 

We will have a core range of SESI detergents on offer including:

Washing up Liquid

Laundry Liquid

Fabric conditioner

Surface Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning Vinegar

Hand Soap

Bath / Shower Soap

Bicarbonate of Soda

We’re currently only able to do BYO detergent refills – please order your food refills and other treats online for collection.

See you soon!